Ramón Vaamonde:

photographer & content creator.



I'm a Spanish photographer based in Galicia, where I was born some time ago.
During my University years I fell in love with photography and since 2010, after receiving some awards and other recognitions, I chose to pursue it as my profession.
For me, photography is a tool that I not only use in a professional way but also in a personal way.
In 2018, I created Mon Osaka as a brand or pseudonym for my commercial work: advertising and architecture.
Recently, I also started to play with photography direction and creative direction.

Always learning.

awards & recognitions

  • Publication: La Décadence - Fashion Editorial - 2020 Prime Mag (Online).

  • Publication: Taiwan - Editorial - 2018 El País Semanal (Print and Online).
  • Publication: Extravaganzza - Fashion Editorial - 2014 Elegant Mag (Print and Online).
  • Award: Third prize in the "Certamen fotográfico de cultura popular 2012 " - Ministry of Culture of Spain.
  • Photographic exhibition (solo): "A rapa das bestas en Galicia" - 2009 - Fundación Caixa Galicia.
  • Award: First prize in the "Certamen fotográfico de cultura popular 2009 " -  Ministry of Culture of Spain.
  • Scholarship: Scholarship for first artistic work - 2008 - Fundación Caixa Galicia.


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